Stephanie Boye is a woman on a mission.

A serial entrepreneur, dedicated sexual assault counselor, speaker, educator, podcaster and mother of three teens. Stephanie has committed her life to opening and elevating the national conversation around sexuality education, healthy intimacy and porn literacy. Bold and fearless in her approach, she has dug in where few venture to go. Speaking with dozens of experts, parents, educators and most daringly surveying and interviewing over 600+ teens to unveil the truth about what's going on in the culture today.  Through her work as a sexual assault counselor, she saw so many troubling patterns and began to focus on how best to prepare her three teenagers. Simultaneously, Stephanie found the discoveries from her interviews startled parents, many expressed feeling helpless in the face of their children's ubiquitous exposure to porn. Her quest went deep as the onion unfolded, culminating in her 2019 TEDx Talk in Charleston, SC.  

"My personal and professional life have constantly been in the crosshairs of sexuality and business. Professionally, an entrepreneurial creative: stylist, photographer, designer. I founded a hip maternity fashion line, ChiaraKruza, selling in Bloomingdales, Saks, Nordstrom and Target. I loved empowering women at a pivotal and vulnerable stage of their life and was thrilled to be featured in People Magazine.

Simultaneously my husband and I began raising our three children, now all teens, which brings me to the heart of this topic.

In college, I was sexually assaulted which led me to become a sexual assault counselor and sexuality educator. Through this work I saw so many troubling patterns and began to focus on how I could best prepare my three teenagers, and in turn make a broader impact."  - Stephanie  

Stephanie’s interviews are available to the public.

Listen to  "LAID BARE WITH ANONYMOUS X"  for candid, anonymous interviews with young people where nothing is held back, as well as informational talks with experts. The findings speak to the scope of the porn fallout our teens face mostly alone. 

TEDx Charleston, 2019


"I really had no idea. Thank you for giving me the words and information to start the conversation with my son."

- Danielle

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