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I have spoken with and interviewed hundreds of teens.  Porn is a significant part of our culture today, influencing all aspects of young people's lives. Parents are largely unaware of how today's porn is vastly different from just one generation ago and the powerful impact it is making in their children and teen's lives. The Laid Bare with Anonymous X podcast brings you the world's best experts on the topic of pornography, sexual health and education as well as raw testimonies from young people about how porn has influenced their lives (anonymously of course).   My goal is to combat the negative impact of “porn culture” on our emotional, physical and sexual health, especially that of young people and empower parents and teens with information to help their them live their best lives.

   XX Stephanie



Laid Bare With Anonymous X (trailer) - Stephanie Boye
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Anonymous "MORGAN"
CCEscaping The Porn Trap
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Wendy Maltz is an author, sex therapist and expert on porn addiction.  Her influential book, The Porn Trap, is a must read for any person struggling with addiction or their loved ones.  Today we dig deep into how to help young people addicted to porn.  Quitting PMO is just the first step in healing. 



*What do you need to do AFTER you quit porn?

*Why Wendy says "Really healthy sex has no negative      consequences"

*What approach should you take with a porn addict?

*Do you know the difference between healthy sex and  porn sex?

*Resources for healing yourself


ROSE - Porn Addiction Destroys Relationships
CCLaid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
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Former Adult Actress

"BIG PORN" is big business.  It is a ruthless and heartless as all the other BIGs (tobacco, pharma, etc). Go behind the camera as I sit down with ex-adult actress, CC, to hear about her experiences and how big porn victims are not just the young viewers but those in front of the camera as well.



*How are adult actresses deceived and treated?

*What really happens on a porn set?

*What are the myths porn perpetuates?

*Do porn stars actually love what they do?

*How can porn stars handle rough sex?


MADDIE - Gay Porn, Arousing or Abusive?
Justine Ang FonteLaid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
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Intersectional Health Educator

A child of Philippine immigrants, Justine Ang Fonte is the Director of Health & Wellness at a K-12 independent school in New York City. Justine is also a consultant and speaker on intersectional health and sex education for teachers, parents, and students in both public and private institutions across the United States on topics such as consent, gender, and pornography literacy. 



*What does Comprehensive Sex Education look like?

*Why it is important to teach thru the lens of PLEASURE?

*Why we need to teach The Platinum Rule, NOW!

*What kids should know about sex, K-12th grade?

*Why we need to start with decolonization

*What is decolonization?

*Porn and Media literacy

Cindy PierceLaid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
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Leading Social Sexuality Educator, Storyteller, Author, TEDx Speaker 

 “[Cindy’s] approach is exactly right: educating kids about what they’re really seeing in the media so they can be more discerning in their consumption, while encouraging involvement in healthy social relationships that are not technology-dependent.” — Peggy Orenstein, author of Girls and Sex: Navigating the New Landscape



*Rethinking the term "toxic masculinity"

*What is social survival of boys?

*Why we need to stop saying “Boys will be boys”

*What teens say about the impact of porn in their lives

*YES...assume your teenager has seen porn

*Is it too late to begin talking to your teen or 20 something? 

*Why you need to muscle through talking to your teens,

  even when they push you away.

*What is Social Savviness? Why your kid is desperate to

  learn it from you!

*What is the Man Box?


Anonymous "GABBY"
Brian Sullivan w-teaser (Lower Quality).Laid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
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Dr. Brian Sullivan

Clinical Psychologist, Adjunct professor COC, TEDx Speaker 

Modern parents worry about their children stumbling upon porn.  Curiosity about sex and relationships is healthy and developmentally important.  Dr. Sullivan and I sit down to talk about normalizing these conversations with your teens and tweens.  His laid back, confident approach is very reassuring and empowering.



*What are kids really seeing in porn?

*Should I worry about how much porn my child has seen?

*Should we worry about social modeling from porn exposure?

*How to pave the way to have discussions about feelings with your teenagers

*The importance of listening to your teen's music

*Build the muscle for Critical Consumption



Anonymous "Dave"
Tarek PachaLaid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
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"Pornography induced erectile dysfunction (PIED): Understanding the scope, science, and treatment." Dr. Pacha is seeing an increase in young men screwing themselves over by, well, screwing themselves over and over again with porn.— Huffington Post



*4 C's of addiction, "red flags" for anyone who thinks

  they have a troubling porn habit

*5 ways porn today is vastly different from a generation


*Tips and tricks you can try if you have PIED to begin to

  heal your body, before you see a urologist

*A urologist perspective on the porn pandemic today

*How to make it to 90 years of age with great sexual



Anonymous "Clare"
JO ROBERTSONLaid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
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Sex Therapist, TEDx Speaker, 

Research and Training Lead for The Light Project

"Porn on the internet is "sexually aggressive" and perpetuated oppressive gender roles for men and women. "You're not talking about a really nice love-making scene, you're talking about 'gonzo' porn – which is quite aggressive, it has no plot, there isn't very much consent, there's barely any condom use, there's manipulation, there's coercion." Jo Robertson, Stuff NZ



*Statistics on younger teen porn use

*How the most popular genres of porn are pushing

  violent boundaries

*How easily kids can access porn from Instagram and

  video games

*How the porn industry is marketing to children

*Why it is important to acknowledge the pleasure of sex

  when talking to teens, for their healthy development

*How porn is shaping young people’s approach to sex

*How porn reinforces gender stereotypes

*What is more concerning about porn use than erectile

  dysfunction and addiction?


Anonymous "Evan"
Bernard BeckettLaid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
00:00 / 55:47


Award-winning Author, Playwright, Educator

Two Nights, a show created by Beckett and Anna Flaherty, takes a frank look at pornography use and modern culture. The show is based around the growing relationships of two young couples – one where romance and intimacy is free to evolve uninhibited, the other where pornography use has become increasingly unhealthy. 

“[this play] is excellent in so many ways. To have the power of drama to demonstrate the impact of this cyber world on relationships and how we engage with one another is a stunning opportunity.”     -Reviews from the Times-Age New Zealand 



*What stories do we tell around sex, culturally, in our

   families and thru mainstream media?

*How giving a new story about sex can undo the

  disempowering narrative from porn

*How do high school kids react when they are able to

  compare intimate relationships from today and one

  generation ago?

*As a father to three boys, what does he feel about the

  role of men as educator when it comes to the porn



Anonymous "RYAN"
Rob & Zareen Cope - Documentary "Our Kids Online"Laid Bare With Anonymous X with Stephanie Boye
00:00 / 1:16:17

Zareen & Rob Cope

Documentary Film Makers, Speakers, Woke Parents

It takes a village to raise healthy kids.  Zareen and Rob Cope from New Zealand spent a year plus investigating how to keep their kids safe on line, and are sharing it with the larger "village".  From filters to experts and suggestions on how to approach conversations with your teens….this is an eye opening conversation.



*What can we do TODAY to protect our kids on-line?

*The many ways open dialogue about sex helps your kids process their environment and 

*If parents are watching porn, can they still talk to kids about the dangers of porn?

*How do these "woke" parents talk to their kids? Hint: humor is great when talking about sex!

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