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Workshop length: 2 days / 2 hours each day. 

Whether you feel qualified or not, you are your child's primary sex educator.  Unfortunately, sex-ed in school has failed them, porn is an intoxicating seducer,  and social media opens up worlds that leave them feeling unworthy. For most of us, this is not a role our parents embraced and the topic makes us feel awkward and unqualified.  It is time to embrace this challenge and help your child get the information and critical thinking skills they need to survive the tsunami of unhealthy messages they are being fed from today's culture.


*Technology has left parents overwhelmed

*Blocks and filters are great before the age of 12, then what?

*Sexuality Education in the US is paltry, ineffective and outdated

*Most kids see porn by 9 and ultimately many cite porn is their de facto sex- ed teacher.

*Porn is vastly different today than 20 years ago.  Free porn is aggressive and toxic and it’s messaging has seeped into mainstream culture: tv shows, songs, movies, social media. 

*The gap between parents understanding of the sexual landscape and their kids is a rapidly widening and troubling chasm.

*Multiple studies including Harvard University, Making Caring Common Project, show teens want to engage in these conversations with their parents.

*Studies show kids who are taught about healthy intimacy and sex not only delay first intercourse but have an increased likelihood of using contraceptives and have less risky sex.


*Explore the hyper sexualized world kids are exposed to, outside of porn

*Explore what porn today looks like and how it is seeking out your child

*Show how porn today impacts our youth body, mind & spirit

*Help establish a game plan of talking to kids from cradle to college+ about critical topics sex and healthy intimacy 

*How to broach awkward topics and make them part of your everyday dialogue.  Tips and tricks for even the most resistant teens.

*Help parents begin to crystalize the sexual values they want to impart to their children



*Porn and Media Literacy

*Body Anatomy / Biology 

*Healthy Communications/ Healthy Relationships / Healthy Intimacy

*Affirmative Consent

*ByStander Intervention / social courage

*Pleasure education

*Safe sex and STI prevention

*Hookup and other cultural myths

*Safe sites and resources for your curious child/ teen

2 Day Parent Workshop



For small or large groups

*Inquire for pricing

Workshop length: 4 weeks / 2x 45 minute blocks each week

The purpose of the workshops is to increase knowledge about sex & sexuality, to clarify values and principles, improve skills for healthy relationship communication, and learn to positively express all of that, honoring individuals authentic selves.


Teens need a safe place to open up and share what is going on in their world.  They seek out and are fed so much information about relationships, their bodies and sex. Much of this information is given without context, ingested without critical thought, and shapes how they feel about and expect of themselves.  Giving young people the space to look at and dialogue about the messaging historically, globally and realistically fosters confidence and self worth.  Exercises are created to help them, both independently and as a group, work through situations and day to day influences to formulate healthy boundaries and expectations as well as create a roadmap toward heathy mind, body, spirit and future relationships.


Reproductive Biology/ Sexual Development /STI & Pregnancy Prevention

     *Anatomy/ Physiology

     *Gender roles, sexual identity & orientation

     *Sexual expression

     *Abstinence and safe sex practices


          Consent/ Pleasure


     *Platinum Rule vs. Golden Rule

     *Consent: How to ask for it, explicit vs. implicit, what it does NOT look like

     *Sexual violation definitions, Help information, Bystander Intervention



          Media & Porn Literacy

     *Deconstructing and discussing messages from various forms of media (porn too!)

     *How does media influence our behavior?

     *Expectations vs. Reality

     *Ethics and healthy intimacy messaging

     *Red flags of porn influence


          Healthy Communication / Healthy Relationships / Intimacy

     *Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communication   

     *Unequal relationships  

     *Hookup and other cultural myths 

     *Recognizing healthy relationships: consensual, non-exploitative, mutually

       pleasurable, safe, developmentally appropriate, honest & respectful

     *Journal/ Road Map

All students provided with...

*Safe sites and resources for more information on puberty, relationships and sex

4 Week Teen Workshop

Offered for large or small groups

Customized for religious or secular groups

*Inquire for pricing


"Adult silence around issues of sexuality leads young people to conclude that everyday nurturers are not accessible or available for that particular kind of nurturing."                                                  -Deborah Roffman "Talk To Me First"

Sometimes parents need answers ASAP.  What do you say to your child after you find condoms in their room?  What should you do if you find porn on your middle schoolers device? How can you protect your family from inappropriate sexual content on line? How much information does your 7 year old child need you to share after they heard children on the bus talking about sex?  How can you talk to your child so they have a healthy understanding of sex after they saw porn, accidentally or on purpose?  What is a vulva?  Why do you need to properly name genitalia? Do you have to teach your child about oral sex? How is porn changing your kids lives?  Do you really have to talk about pleasure?

Sexual content is more invasive in our lives than any previous generation.  Most of us, parents, barely had sex-ed in school. Maybe your parents gave you one awkward talk or a slipped the book "Where Did I Come From" under your door.  With your own kids today, you feel overwhelmed and under qualified.  The truth is you are more than qualified, you just need a little guidance.  


In our session you will learn to breathe through it, build confidence, develop a game plan, and learn simple tips & tricks that break through with even the toughest teens.

Individual Consulting 





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