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Tools For Parents

The Culture Reframed Program for Parents of Teens build young people’s resilience and resistance to hyper-sexualized media and porn while promoting their healthy development. This free online program provides culturally competent, research-driven, age-based educational videos, downloads, and resources for parents.

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why media matters

Key facets of identity — like gender, social class, age, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, religion, and disability — play prominent roles in the media we consume and create, determining how we see, understand, and experience the world and those we encounter in it.


Learn how to have "the talk" and not feel awkward. Amy Lang has been a sexuality educator for over 25 years. With her online course you will learn: what to say at each stage and age, avoid giving too much information, super simple keys to effective conversations with kids, learn tips to keep your kids safer from sexual abuse.

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Parents may wish to review this app and add to their teens phone. MySexDoctor aims to become the main reference point for teenagers and young adults seeking information about puberty, relationships, and sex. A trusted companion that young people can carry with them and access at all times.

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This is a membership website that has seminars and workshops. Anya, a long time educator for parents and kids, leads workshops and coaches parents on having open and honest conversations about sex and relationships.  Her workshop on boundaries was one great and really helped me to communicate with my kids how to understand their boundaries. 


Scarleteen is an independent, feminist, grassroots sexuality and relationships education media and support organization and website.  It is considered the most popular and widely used site by ages 15-30.

We provide sex and relationship information and support for young people worldwide.


Technology is a complex monster! Tame it with the PROTECT APP.

PROTECT will help your family become predator-proof, porn-resilient, and screen-wise.

*bite-size videos that simplify digital subjects

*Quick, practical tips will help build rapport with kids

*videos give kids tools to navigate a hostile digital world.



As a busy parent, reading every text message, post, and email just isn’t realistic. Instead, Bark was created by parents, for parents to offer a better, easier, and more effective way to keep children safe online.


Offer your child an engaging, video-based curriculum to keep them safe from cyber-bullying, pornography and internet addiction. Brain Defense arms kids with safe technology habits to protect their growing minds.

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