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I Needed 2 Know (IN2K) is a movement for crucial change to our current patchwork of sex education mandates in the United States.  Studies and our experience reveal that without mandatory, Comprehensive Sexuality Education+ (CSE+) by middle school, the majority of young people turn to pornography to learn about sex.  The damage of learning from a violent, misogynistic and unrealistic information source, like pornography, is hurting young people and their relationships in a myriad of ways. (Please watch our full length PSA to learn more).

IN2K believes beginning at birth there are important and valuable lessons children need to be introduced to: boundaries, consent, and healthy, positive relationships. We feel strongly that parents should be working alongside their schools, communities and faith institutions to provide this type of early comprehensive sexuality education for their children.  IN2K believes that every individual is entitled to comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality information beginning in middle school, at school. Every individual is entitled to truth and accuracy about their bodies, sexuality, health and safety, relationships. Ultimately, it is our inherent human right to agency over our bodies, how they are treated, what happens to them, how we wish to care for them and what we wish to do with them.  However, IN2K believes in curriculum transparency, allowing parents to co-educate their children along with schools.  This will allow them to infuse their family values into the curriculum standards.  Our students confirm what Harvard University's Making Caring Common Project finds, that teens WANT to talk to their parents about these topics and they value their input. IN2K PSA bears witness to the damage caused by porn based sex education, which is the most common way middle schools students learn about sex. 

IN2K hopes build a bridge and open the conversations between the adult stakeholders and the young people they love and are invested in. Begin by listening to the words of our students!  After our experimental nine-week Sexual Citizenship Course (CSE+) at The College of Charleston we asked our students “What do you wish you knew and what was the result of not knowing?”  Here are links to IN2K's POWERFUL shorter PSA's on: Does Porn Teach Sexual Assault?  Can Porn Be Addictive?  Does Porn Imitate Sex or Does Sex Imitate Porn?  Signs of Grooming  Porn & Gender Norms  Sex Education vs. Porn Education.  You can also read their powerful letters in their entirety go to STUDENT LETTERS in the menu bar or CLICK HERE. Continue reading below...

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