Most Parents... 

Have no idea the impact of anonymous, free, on-line porn, 24/7 in our kids back pockets without barrier to access. Porn is the go-to "sex ed" teacher for teens and the narrative of mainstream porn is unhealthy. Porn normalizes: sexual violence against women, coercive and unsafe sex, gender stereotyping, racism and homophobia.  Porn leads to: social isolation and depression, erectile dysfunction (effecting up to 40% of boys ages 16-24), relationship dissatisfaction and negative self image.  Government policy aside, parents need to assume the roll as their kids primary sexuality educator.  Information is power and talking with kids early and often about sex, porn and intimacy is imperative.

HOW & WHAT is Your Teen Learning About Sex?

Statistically, HOW teens learn is likely porn.

Experts say kids are first exposed to porn by age
11.  Bit Defender, a cyber security company, analytics say 22% of all on line porn traffic is consumed by kids under the age of 10.  One of the largest sites, and there are 1.3 million websites, has 115 million hits a day.  That means a MINIMUM of 11.5 million times a day children under the age of ten see pornography.  

WHAT are teens learning?

1. 88% of porn depicts physical violence and 45% verbal violence against women.

2. 56% of porn depicts anal sex and in my own studies 55% of college women are engaging in anal sex but just 2% reported enjoying it.

3. Porn contributes to "un-egalitarian" views toward women, and less sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Porn is shaping their ideas about sex and intimacy.  It lies to them about their bodies and the bodies of others. Studies and brain scans show porn has the power to rewire our kids brains and has drastically shifted the social and sexual landscape.  

Do not wait to learn how to begin this talk with the kids and teens in your life.

Students Studying Outside




“I have been sexually active with guys who are rough, so that is all I have known. I am truly not into porn, this talk was very informative… now I see why this is happening and that sex does not have to be the rough, aggressive way I’ve always known.”  

 - Sophomore (Los Angeles)

"Thank you and the team for such a great event. I was thrilled to hear what Stephanie had to say and that we are willing to be the church and people to talk about the hard stuff. As a mom of four young men and someone who works with teens, I am very aware that this is desperately needed! Everyone should hear this message. Adults are lost and do not know how to parent this generation. I have searched endlessly for resources and guidance on what to do and found there are no hands on groups or talks to help us when it comes to the tough topics, like pornography. I am excited about this resource, to help us with our teens and others, like the ones with whom I work. There may be a fire of backlash for addressing this topic, but someone needs to be the first to step up! I hope we can continue to go boldly and push through all of that because the house is on fire and parents are already drowning!"

                                                                    - Michelle (South Carolina)

"I had no idea before hearing you speak how pornography could impact my son.  I am so grateful to have gotten this message at this time so I can help him understand what he may see and make clear how damaging and misleading those messages are.  Please come speak at our school!"

                                                  - Janet (Philadelphia)

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