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Today Is A New Day!

Your parents may never have talked to you about sex and if they did they likely had one conversation about the basics. Sex was left largely for you to figure out on your own. Most of us still follow that model but the world has changed. While we debate about sex ed on a national level our kids have taken learning in their own hands...Porn tube sites are the new sex education teachers in town. Whether your child watches porn or not it is influencing and impacting them profoundly. The stories inspire me daily to keep spreading this word. From young boys devastated because they can not get erections, to girls who have been put into violent sexual situations THE FIRST TIME they have sex because their partner has learned aggressive sexual behavior from porn, to girls afraid to even go near a boy, and boys who think their bodies, that do not look like porn actors, are repulsive and so stay away from women. We have entered a whole new world and more than ever we need to talk about: what healthy sex and intimacy look like, the myths and lies pornography portrays, how to dissect what messages we are getting from advertising, social media, porn and movies to see what if any of it is real or healthy. Today is a new day, talk to your kids. Start with getting informed about what is really going on. Here is a link to my BLOG that has a TON of information. LAID BARE BLOG


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