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STDs/STIs are Skyrocketing...Why???

2017 study shows 60% of teens use the pull out method as their primary birth control is a scary number of teens relying on a method that DOES NOTHING TO STOP STDs!!!! Here is an article by Hannah Smothers from June 2017 that appeared on

A new study on how much sex teens are having once again has confirmed the apparent facts that (1) they aren't having very much of it, and (2) they're generally a lot more ~WoKe AbOuT bIrTh CoNtRoL~ than previous generations were.

That said, there's still one problematic sex trend among teens today that's probably existed for as long as sex had, which is that teens are overwhelmingly relying on withdrawal — or the pull-out method — for contraception. According to the new report published by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, 60 percent of teens surveyed said they rely on withdrawal as their primary contraceptive method. That puts pulling out as the second most common birth control method among sexually active American teens behind condoms, used by 97 percent of those surveyed. CLICK HERE to read full article...


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