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Anonymous "Connor" Resources

Connor is a self identified sex and porn addict. He has been working on his recovery for 6 months. To listen to my interview with Connor CLICK HERE.

1. "Ready or Not" a sexual readiness post from Scarleteen to help young people assess how emotionally and physically ready they are as well as important preparation information before young people become sexually active.

2. "Yes, No, Maybe" a Scarleteen post that gives a full list of sexual or sexual-ish activities young people should consider how they feel about, before engaging in those activities. If your child is considering getting sexually active or you know they have a serious-ish relationship, read it first and if you think its appropriate share it with them.

3. Connor is in sex addiction recovery. But where do we get information about what healthy sexual intimacy looks like? Here is an article from Very Well Mind, I suggest you look over…it is great for teens to understand what a healthy sexual relationship looks like.

4. For teens who are considering sex for the first time it is important that they have as much information as possible. Virginity: A Very Personal Decision is a great article from Teens Health website. I think this article really presents important considerations and options that teens should be aware of.


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